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  • TRINH, Huyen Tran

    Age: 27
    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Placement: Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc.
    Home country: Vietnam

    I’m Tran, a student at Stott’s College – Diploma of Community Services. At the end of my first placement with the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc., I was so happy that my placement supervisor offered me a chance to work for their Home Care Packages Program as a Community Engagement Officer! I really appreciated that the placement gave me the opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge I learned inside the classroom.

  • HOANG, Avelyn

    Age: 22
    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Placement: Australian Quadriplegic Association
    Home country: Vietnam

    My name is Avelyn. I’m currently studying my second year of the Diploma of Community Services at Stott’s College. Through this course, the educators have provided me with support, mentorship, and guidance about my future career path. I also completed my first placement at the Australian Quadriplegic Association last term, where it provided with confidence, knowledge of working with vulnerable people, and developing professionalism in a workplace. From this placement, I was offered a paid support worker role even before I finished my course!

  • Quan Lam Truong (Victor)

    Age: 19
    Course: VCE Year 12 – Dux of School
    Home country: Vietnam

    “Throughout my two years at Stott's College, there were a lot of memorable moments. I love the friendly atmosphere and how the teachers and students are really close. The teachers are kind, patient and motivational. I appreciate Stott's College for giving me the knowledge and confidence to enter another stage in my life. I achieved ATAR score 95! I have always felt that I am so lucky to be a student at Stott’s and I will never forget my time here.”

  • Fiona

    Course: VCE Year 12
    Home country: China

    I am a graduate of Stott’s College. I graduated in November,2015. One month later, I received the offer from Monash University. After 1.5 years’ study at Stott’s College, I have lots to say.
    First of all, your results are not a hundred percent connected to the scale of your school. It’s true that my school is not as large as some other private schools in Victoria. However, you do earn more attention at Stott’s. In my school, you can ask questions straight instead of sending emails. I used to have lots questions to be solved, all the teachers at Stott’s are willing to help me. Meanwhile, our administrators are also helpful and friendly. Any issues you have may be solved by them.
    Secondly, learning skills are not taught by school. Some students might wish their teachers to teach them everything as our Chinese teachers do, yet it’s hard in Australia. As we know, Australia’s school time and homework are less than China’s, students have to do their work voluntarily at home if they want to do better. Once you decide to study overseas, you need to accept the distinction of education. In addition, self-study will be significant both in high school and university. Study beforehand brings you more time to get ready for the final exam and it also prepares you for further study. Here I would like to share my own experience. I was so confident in Maths that I believed high Atar score was a piece of cake for me. Yet I didn’t do well in neither maths due to time shortage and carelessness. The other part I want to mention is the majority of exam questions are tougher than textbooks’. Steady understanding of textbook and advanced maths continuation are two prerequisites for high results.
    Thirdly, language is vital. It’s commonly known that Australia is built by immigrants of which Chinese immigrants occupies a large part now. My Mum jokes: “You don’t have to speak English in this city.” So English is not necessary? Obviously it’s wrong. All the classes are taught in English, test papers and textbooks are written in English as well. Most of us Chinese students are good at writing, listening and reading, yet we are poor at speaking. If we don’t speak English, not can’t, how can we communicate with our teachers or our foreign classmates? What’s more? Some smart boys who were top students of Maths or physics probably lose their confidence in the same subjects here just because they can’t understand what the questions ask for. To help us, Stott’s offers free Maths’ English class for those students who find difficulties in reading questions. Besides, we have movie lesson every Wednesday to improve our English as well.
    Fourthly, good accommodation backs up students’ study. Our school usually arranges homestay for us. Here I must say: “thank you” to school because they find me such a good place. My housemother is really nice that she looks after me during the 6-month-exam preparation time. When I was living in her house, I didn't need to worry about cooking or washing. You can always do better in exams if someone takes nice care of you. I remember she tells me that it’s not easy for international students to live and study in a foreign country at such young age, especially we are far from our family. Thus she recommends all the homestay should guide the oversea students and be responsible for us. Studying in Australia, we normally spend six to seven hours at school, more time is spent at home. Therefore, the best way to improve your English is asking school to find you a homestay. Language environment urges you to practice more.
    In general, I hope each student who are studying at Stott’s or consider going to Stott’s will have great achievements at the end. Sometimes your results may bring you scholarships which lighten the financial burden on your parents. On the other hand, results are not everything. Your parents will be proud of you just for you’re maturing in Stott’s.
    (PS: Thanks for Mrs Wen inviting me to write it)

  • Sarina Budhathoki

    Age: 31
    Home country: Nepal

    I completed my Diploma of Community Services at Stott’s College. The staff and trainers at Stott’s were friendly, approachable and always ready to assist students with their individual needs. Stott’s provided quality education and helped me with work placement with WISE Employment which led to full time position within the same organization which also helped me obtain my permanent residency. Thank you, Stott’s for helping me with my career in Australia!