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  • MANARANG, Eloisa

    Course: Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
    Home Country: Philippines

    Today marks the end of our long and arduous climb on the academic ladder as we reap the bounty of our hard work.  We have endured many ordeals, exhausted our abilities and pushed ourselves to the limit.  We strived and we prevailed.

    Each one of us has our own story to tell about how we got here, why we are here and what drove us to stay. I hope you don’t mind that I share with you my personal story…

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  • MONSALE, Natasha

    Course: Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
    Home Country: Philippines

    Doing my Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting in Australia was interesting and full of unforgettable memories, and Stott’s Colleges has greatly contributed to that. Units are designed for students to learn and apply in the industry and exams are formulated to teach rather than just a test of memory. Furthermore, lecturers are respectable and highly qualified to teach the subjects related to their field.
    What I love most about my international study experience is the balance between fun and work. The courses are developed in such a way that students have time to learn and enjoy their personal lives, so students can work part time and explore Melbourne while being a full-time student.

    Lecturers are knowledgeable with the units they teach, and various techniques are used to ensure students learn and apply the concepts. Theory units are explained well and are relevant for my future career as an accountant. The Administration and staff are also friendly and helpful. They are accommodating and open minded. They take student’s criticism positively and are willing to change policies to benefit the students. Moreover, they take the student’s issues seriously whether its personal or related to studies.

    Stott’s Colleges brings a university vibe with affordability, with the main campus in the city being extremely convenient to reach. International students who value education and a balanced student life should definitely study here.

  • PHAM, Hannie

    Course: Year 12 VCE
    2017 Dux

    My name is Hannie. I’m from Vietnam. First of all, I really appreciate Stott’s for giving me a great chance to come to this beautiful country, Australia, to study. The school is like my second home.
    During two years in Stott’s, I’ve met a lot of kind teachers and friends who helped me a lot in both my life and study. The teachers were always beside us, supported and motivated us in study. When I had trouble in something, they always helped me to find the best solution to overcome it. The students in this school are absolutely friendly, we had wonderful time together here.
    Being a oversea student, I find it hard to live and study abroad, and Stott’s was the right choice to begin overseas study. After studying here, I feel much more confident to be ready for the new life in university.
    Thank you so much for teaching me a lot during two years. You are not only our best teacher but also our great father. Wish you all the best.

  • NGUYEN, Celine

    Course: Year 12 VCE
    School Captain

    My name is Celine. I studied in Stott’s College for 2 years. It was a fantastic journey in my life, being my second home in Australia. Thank you to the teachers who were always beside me and encouraged me to study. They helped me a lot choosing the course that I want to do in the future. Thank you, Stott’s for giving me a chance to build great friendships with my Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese friends. Stotts was more than a family to me, they will always be in my heart as part of my life. I also want to thank all the staff who worked so hard for us to have chance study in a fantastic building. I wish Stott’s all success in the future. Thank you!

  • Jesu Jacob

    Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA)

    We believe graduates of the Diploma of Community Services and the Bachelor of Community Services at Stott’s College will be employable in the community services industry. These courses can also provide pathways to graduates and postgraduate courses in human services.

  • HOANG, Avelyn

    Age: 22
    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Placement: Australian Quadriplegic Association
    Home country: Vietnam

    My name is Avelyn. I’m currently studying my second year of the Diploma of Community Services at Stott’s College. Through this course, the educators have provided me with support, mentorship, and guidance about my future career path. I also completed my first placement at the Australian Quadriplegic Association last term, where it provided with confidence, knowledge of working with vulnerable people, and developing professionalism in a workplace. From this placement, I was offered a paid support worker role even before I finished my course!

  • HAMILTON, Kenneth

    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Home country: England

    I am in my 1st year of the Diploma of Community Services at Stott’s College. The educators are very experienced social workers and/or community welfare workers who bring their current experience and passion to the classroom. The management, support staff and administration staff are helpful and friendly, making my learning a positive experience.

  • SAKABE, Yoshiko

    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Home country: Japan

    Hi my name is Yoshiko, I am a second-year student at Stott’s College in the Diploma of Community Services. I found the course to be comprehensive and interesting, very relevant to my career goals and unlike anything I have studied before in Japan. I also found the educators to be valuable and brilliant, both in terms of their knowledge and skill base, and their support and motivation throughout the course.

  • TRINH, Huyen Tran

    Age: 27
    Course: Diploma of Community Services
    Placement: Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc.
    Home country: Vietnam

    I’m Tran, a student at Stott’s College – Diploma of Community Services. At the end of my first placement with the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association Inc., I was so happy that my placement supervisor offered me a chance to work for their Home Care Packages Program as a Community Engagement Officer! I really appreciated that the placement gave me the opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge I learned inside the classroom.

  • Quan Lam Truong (Victor)

    Age: 19
    Course: VCE Year 12 – Dux of School
    Home country: Vietnam

    “Throughout my two years at Stott’s College, there were a lot of memorable moments. I love the friendly atmosphere and how the teachers and students are really close. The teachers are kind, patient and motivational. I appreciate Stott’s College for giving me the knowledge and confidence to enter another stage in my life. I achieved ATAR score 95! I have always felt that I am so lucky to be a student at Stott’s and I will never forget my time here.”

  • Fiona

    Course: VCE Year 12
    Home country: China

    It’s true that my school is not as large as some other private schools in Victoria. However, you do get more attention at Stott’s. In my school, you can ask questions straight instead of sending emails. I used to have lots questions to be solved, all the teachers at Stott’s were willing to help me. Meanwhile, our administrators are also helpful and friendly. Any issues you have may be solved by them. To help us, Stott’s offers free English classes for those students who find difficulties in reading questions.

    Finally, good accommodation backs up students’ study. Our school arranges homestay for us. Here I must say: “Thank you” to the school because they found me such a good place.

    In general, I hope each student who studies at Stott’s or considers going to Stott’s will have great achievements in the end. Sometimes your results may bring you a scholarship which will lighten the financial burden on your parents.


  • Sarina Budhathoki

    Age: 31
    Home country: Nepal

    I completed my Diploma of Community Services at Stott’s College. The staff and trainers at Stott’s were friendly, approachable and always ready to assist students with their individual needs. Stott’s provided quality education and helped me with work placement with WISE Employment which led to full time position within the same organization which also helped me obtain my permanent residency. Thank you, Stott’s for helping me with my career in Australia!