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Fieldwork Placement

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Stott’s College is fully committed to the ideals and goals of the community work profession and to preparing our students for a successful entry into the workforce.

When you undertake work-based training and assessment in our Community Services courses, you are participating in what is known as ‘Fieldwork Placement.’ This is a structured educational program that is a requirement of your course as well as of the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA), the professional accrediting body.

Placements provide you with unique opportunities to:

  • Develop your competencies by linking theory with current practice
  • Experience a real workplace environment in community services, such as in community development, disability, youth work, children and family services, mental health, casework, and multicultural services
  • Learn about industry trends, practices, and career options
  • Build your professional network and resume
  • Explore job prospects at your host agency


At Stott’s College, we understand the importance of maximising your learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. This is why we provide significant support and guidance before, during, and after your placements. We offer students preparation seminars, individual appointments to find you a good agency match, interview coaching and resume writing assistance, an allocated Liaison Officer while you’re on placement, debriefing, and placement materials.

Fieldwork placements are a valuable component of our Community Services courses, and we work with all our students and host agencies to provide them with a mutually beneficial and rewarding placement experience.