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With the perfect mix of city and beach life, thousands of people head to Sydney every year to start their student life.  Famously known for the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour bridge and the Royal Botanical Gardens, you could quite easily lose yourself for the day wandering around the streets of Sydney.

In Sydney, summer temperatures peak at around 26 degrees and there are plenty of beaches to explore, waves to surf or sunsets to experience.

Welcome to Sydney.

Getting around

Sydney central and the outer suburbs are very well connected by public transport. Make sure you grab yourself an Opal Card so you can travel on the bus, metro, train and the ferry. Ticket conductors are often on public transport and can issue you with a large fine if you have not paid your fare, therefore make sure your card is always topped up and you always tap on.


Sydney offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit students in either share houses or private residences that can hold an entire family. Choose from apartment living in the cosmopolitan inner city, or a spacious house or unit with a garden in the picturesque suburbs. It’s a city renowned for its high quality, safe student accommodation in a range of settings.

For more information about student accommodation and some handy hints and tips, you can access the NSW government website for more information.

Some useful websites for searching accommodation are listed below:


Living in Australia on a visa can mean you face certain restrictions. If you are a student visa holder, you and your dependent family members have permission to work included with your visa, but there are certain conditions you may need to adhere to, such as the number of hours you are able to work. It’s important to ensure you don’t breach the work conditions that apply to your visa.

To keep up-to-date with the regulations, please visit the website

Tourist Information

Sydney and the outer suburbs are so bustling, you will not be lost for things to do when you’re not studying. Enjoy a trip to the Bondi icebergs pool, where the pool juts out magnificently and meets the beach. Wander the back streets and browse one of the many markets offering fresh baked goods and homemade trinkets. Alternatively join the hype and treat yourself to an extravagant Sunday brunch.

If you travel a bit further out of the city you will find the Blue Mountains (90 min car journey, 2 hour train journey). With plenty of bushwalks through rainforest, mountains and caves, you will not regret visiting this word famous spot.

Find out more about what you can see and do here.